What is good writing?

Writing seems simple, until you actually have to write, right? It seems so easy and that there is nothing to it since we seem to do nothing but verbally write to our friends every day, but that is often not the case. Four simple tricks to help you become a better may include the following: having good content, focusing on your writing, having accurate and precise language, and, of course, good grammar.

Ok, so that last one may seem like a given, but have you read an amateur’s rough draft? Trust me on this one, it needs to be said. Grammar is very much needed, so reach all the way back in your memory banks to middle school and high school grammar lessons.

When you decide to write about something, make sure the content is at least good. You, as a writer, must make sure that your reader, whoever that may be, is going to read your work and hopefully even enjoy it. No matter what you write about, you will always have someone to read your work, even if you have no clue as to who that may be at first.

Focus on your writing, please do not get sidetracked. No one wants to read an interesting topic, only to find the writer going down every rabbit trail possible. It’s unprofessional and the reader will lose interest, so plan to stay on track and not lose your focus.

As the writer, you must decide what is best for the reader and what is unneccesary. Do you keep that quote that truly fits in your topic or get rid of a story that is loosely related to your subject? You need to make that decision and make sure it is the right one, make sure you long and hard about it because it could be the deal breaker here, you may never know.

Grammar, no matter how many times you hated it way back when, you could not possibly need it any more than now. Do you want to be respected or viewed as a moron, please chose the former? The choice is yours, but it should be obvious as to what you should choose.

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