A Boy on GIRLS

I love @girlsHBO. It debuted a year after I moved to LA. I identified w it bc I had lived in NYC for 3 yrs post college and I KNEW these characters. I was these characters. NYC was a magical place to live in your 20s. It was a great way to fondly reminisce on the recent past without having to deal with the BS that eventually led to my decision to leave NYC. As I grew more confident & mature in LA, I could laugh at these girls because I had survived these same situations. I had been to those loft parties, happy hours, one night stands, etc. Now, as the series ends, I continue to identify w the characters who are finally starting to figure things out. Finally realizing that NYC doesn’t always give you want you want. I am so happy that I moved to LA. I have become a better person for it. Watching this series for the last 6 seasons has given me a sense of comfort in knowing that we all mess up, but eventually we’ll figure out our lives. Thank you to all involved in creating this wonderful series. Especially @lenadunham @JenniKonner @JuddApatow and @HBO for giving these girls voices. ❤ ❤ ❤