What To Do If a Trans Person Enters the Bathroom
The Nib

James Methvin,

No trans woman is going to use the women’s washroom sporting a beard, hairy legs and all the usual male indices. It just does not happen. They seek to use the women’s washroom precisely because they do not ‘look like a guy’ and are harrassed or assaulted in the men’s room.

There have been no reported instances of which I am aware in which a predator entered the women’s washroom in order to assault a woman or a child. This is the argument that is used to shun the transgendered and force them to use the washroom that corresponds to their genitals at birth.

Don’t fall into that trap. Let people use the washroom in peace.

Duncan, I don’t think you will ever encounter such a situation. They want their privacy and don’t want to be stared at, taunted or harrassed.

And if you did find yourself in such a situation, have your shower and get dressed as you normally would!

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