Abilities to look for in a designer

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Starting a Multimedia company after completing College may have been a bold move, venturing into the unknown and starting from a zero base.

I was young and wildly inexperienced. An enthusiastic 22-year-old startup looking to make the world a better place, one design at a time.

I understood it was going to be a tough and slow-paced venture to establish a healthy clientele base early. Especially true in the early years.

It took me many years and countless mistakes to become better at being a designer. I’m in my mid 30’s now and have since been recruited as a designer at Enabled Solutions. …

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Over many years I’ve been working in the industry as a designer in the UI / UX space. I’ve run various user tests over my time, each unique and tailored to best fit the clients’ needs. Through this experience, I’ve learned that these sessions offer the most benefit to the client when you can follow up with a clear and concise User Testing Report to communicate your findings and key action items.

User tests are a great way to find out how people behave when interacting with a website or app.

I prefer to run remote user testing sessions as in my experience users feel less pressured to provide biased answers. Sometimes I conduct the sessions with user testers on my own, and sometimes with the client’s UX team. Guerrilla User Testing is another testing option; this method often leads to interesting feedback. Both testing options benefit from a document to share with your client and internal team. …


Josh Rogers

Designer @EnabledHQ in Adelaide South Australia. Focused on product and UI/UX design. Specialised in humanizing User Experience. http://www.thejoshrogers.com

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