The Perfect Season

This is the story of baseball sport which we have never heard or even read before. It is among many few books on baseball that we may find out there today. The perfect season by Roger Schafer takes a very deeper and broader look into the story of baseball sport. As a matter of fact, our beloved homeland, the United States of America has a very brief history with this sport in particular. We know, there are plenty of other sports that are widely accepted and enjoyed by the masses such as Football (Rugby) and of course, basketball. However, love for baseball is completely different. Presumably, this is one of the major reasons why Roger Schafer wrote a book on baseball which is called “The Perfect Season.

If you live in the United States of America, even if you are an immigrant, you will see one thing all around you for sure. Every father out there will be willing to play baseball with his children from a young age. Since it is the most entertaining sports in the history of the United States of America, every father wants his children to be fond of this sport and maybe someday get a chance to play in the big teams. We all know that it is not easy and such sports are very much competitive. As a matter of fact, the majority of teenagers and young adults are not even into sports these days. They have a much diverse mindset now. Their mindset allows them to think outside of the box and opt for entrepreneurship, business startups or start new careers after the industry has become so broad.

However, moving back to baseball. This sport has a significant history with our beloved country and there is no denying that fact. Basketball, on the other hand, is not much harder to play. It is like sports only for big and tall dudes. People with a height of over 6 feet. Honestly speaking, not everyone is that tall these days. It becomes significantly difficult to play that sport and tackle your opponents easily. They can shoot the ball from half the court away, while you will be struggling to score a slam dunk in basketball. Height is not a major issue in terms of baseball. As long as you love this sport, know how to swing the bat to hit a home run and run like the speed of sound, you are good to go. This is also the reason why many parents out there want their children to play this sport from a very young age. Practicing from a young age can improve their performance over the years as they grow older and gain more experience in it.

If you also want to learn how to play baseball like a pro, you should consider looking out in the market for books. I bet that the top book recommended by anyone would be this story of baseball sport called “The Perfect Season” which is a complete book on baseball written only for truly dedicated fans. Not everyone is aware of the worth of this sport. Not everyone is even able to play this sport like our people. It is so unique and has that vibe to it which we cannot compare with anything else. No matter how much we appreciate this sport, it will never be enough. The inventor of this sport, Abner Doubleday, changed the history of our nation by giving us this sport. Needless to say, it feels like this sport translates the unique aspects of our country. The world recognizes the United States of America by baseball. Whenever we see two teams competing with each other in this sport, it is easy to understand that there is no one else out there who can play this sport better than the Americans, us. It is our sport and we own it as nobody else can ever own it.

It is our identity and we have the ability to preserve it forever. Let us never forget the glory of baseball and forever keep the spirits of this sport alive in our hearts. As long we thrive together as a nation, this sport will remain our glory. It will remain our identity and the world will know that only the best of the best can play this sport by their heart. Those best of the best players come only from the United States of America. No other nation, no other race, no other ethnicity. It is ours and will forever remain ours. These are the words of one of the greatest writers, baseball coach and trainer and also the author of this book, Mr. Roger Schafer. The man who believed in the spirit of baseball and its glory among the people of our country.