Buy The Largest Piece of Diamond but Make Sure it is The Best

Just imagine you pull out an engagement ring in front of the girl with whom you wish to spend your whole life. And, you are hopelessly waiting for a yes. You can ensure this happens with just a perfect diamond ring. Diamond is not only a priced possession but it is also a girl’s best friend. 
But wait! Buying a diamond is not that easy.
Buying diamond or a diamond jewelry is a very complex task for both men and women. A diamond’s quality and price are determined by a simple set of 4 Cs- cut, color, clarity, and carat. Ensure to consider these qualities and look for a diamond which fulfills these qualities without straining your budget. Although top-notch diamond Jewelry are rare and highly expensive, but you can get a slightly less perfect diamond if you know how to buy it.
Cut — How a diamond is cut, determines its shape and brilliance. A well-cut or perfect diamond reflects light from every face. The way a diamond is cut or how deeply it is cut has a direct effect on its appearance.
Color — Highest quality diamonds are colorless. But since they are very rare, it is considered that diamonds have slight tints of yellow which is often not possible to view through the naked eye. Apart from this, diamond jewelry is graded on a letter scale from D to Z. D is considered the best quality diamond.
Clarity — Clarity is also one of the most crucial aspects in determining the quality of a diamond. Since diamonds are formed naturally, they often consist of impurities. These impurities are known as inclusions and most of them are microscopic, usually, can’t be noticed by a naked eye. Diamonds are categorized on the basis of different clarity levels which include F to IF, VVS1to VVS2, etc. A credible and trusted jeweler can tell you all about the clarity levels. There are also few diamonds which are flawless — have no impurities, but are very rare.
Carat — Carat is one of the most misunderstood aspects of diamond buying. It is a unit of weight measurement of the diamond. Carat determines the size and weight of the diamond. On addition to this, carat weight has nothing to do with the appearance of a diamond. Also, it is not necessary that a diamond which weighs more is bigger than a diamond which weighs less.
So, next time you visit a jeweler to buy a diamond earring or necklace, ensure you consider all these vital components of diamond buying. On the other hand, there is one more C — cost, which basically doesn’t play any role in the quality of the diamond but it, cannot be ignored too. And believe me, bigger is not always the best in the case of diamonds.
Lastly, you can buy the largest piece of diamond you can afford, but also make sure it is the best cut, clearest and most colorless.