Anthony Kwesiga’s Testimony

My name is Anthony Kwesiga. I’m a Spirit — filled Christian who fellowships at Christ Embassy Uganda. Pastor Rogers Kisambira is my friend and workmate.

In 2014, I felt a need to do more physical exercises because my body weight was getting out of line. So I decided to work out through a sport I knew and loved — volleyball. Unfortunately due to my lack of fitness, I landed awkwardly on the ground during one of the sessions and hurt my left knee.

It hurt so bad but I later managed the pain through medication at a local clinic. Unfortunately, the knee problem kept recurring as I played and kept using it until in 2016, it appeared to have been damaged significantly.

I now couldn’t play with it and I started walking with a slight limp. It’s at this point that I sought serious medical consultation from a top orthopaedic surgeon in Kampala (Dr. Shiraz of Ultima in Nakasero).

Medical scans were made on the knee and it was discovered that I had torn my medial meniscus. I was advised to undergo surgery to correct the tear. And it would cost me slightly above UGX 5 million. A very hefty sum for me at the time. So I kept on walking through the pain until sometime in March 2017, when my knee got so bad I had to skip work for a while.

One day when I was back at work I was so distressed and in so much pain. It dawned on me that my problem can go away by faith in God and His Word. Just as my Pastor kept telling us of how healing is our heritage and we needn’t tolerate sickness. So I knew about Mark 16:18 which says they shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover!

Now I know Rogers to be a very faithful believer in the Word of God; so I asked him to lay hands on me, which he did.

It wasn’t long after that (I think 2 weeks) that my knee stopped hurting and now I can use it without any sign of restraint and I didn’t need any medication. My knee is just as good as it was that day when I first decided to hit the Volley ball court.

I can now embark on my physical fitness goals on the volleyball court and do gym squats without any fear. The medical scan was done in November 2016 and the specialist had told me that I would never be able to use my knee normally unless I did a corrective surgery to repair my meniscus. And that even after surgery it would take me 3 months to be able to play again. But in March I was able to play again. And I hadn’t undergone surgery. Just the power of God!

Thank you Lord for my healing. Alleluia!!!

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