Praise the Lord dear Saint. What a great honor and privilege it is for me to be sharing these words of life with you! May your spirit receive them and never lose them.

1Cor 2:7–8 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

In the wisdom of the world which is governed by the prince of darkness, the crucifixion of Jesus would mark the end of his life. The scripture defines that kind of wisdom as sensual and devilish; a kind that does not come from above. According to our scriptural reference, the princes of this world were caught off-guard concerning the post-crucifixion implication of their actions. They probably thought that the divinity of God would be destroyed if they succeeded at destroying one member of the trinity. Perhaps the devil thought that this was his long awaited opportunity to ascend up on high and set his throne above the throne of God; after all God has been captured and is about to be destroyed. Many people have given the devil so much credit as to even suggest that he knows God. Jehovah God can only be known by them to whom He reveals himself. Satan has ideas concerning God but he does not have the revelation of who God is. For that reason, it never came across the devil’s mind that even he had been chosen as an actor in God’s grand plan of delivering man from sin and death; what a passionate actor he was! This all simply played out to show that the prince of darkness can never compare or come close to God in wisdom.

I would love to shed some light on the secret wisdom of God regarding defining moments. Sports lovers are familiar with decisive games. These usually occur when both teams are having similar points and yet only one of them must qualify to the next stage. Those are the most tense and yet the most interesting games. Anything silly could accord your opponent the victory. The experience that Jesus was having was very definitive. That was a point in the Messiah’s life where any word He spoke or any decision He made would have highly sensitive and far reaching implications on the course of this world and on His own mission and ministry. That is the reason God sent angels to comfort Him. Whereas Jesus was facing the most immense pressure ever on His life, it was also true that He was at the verge of the greatest victory that would ever be recorded in all the worlds. As the enemy kept piling pressure on our Lord, wisdom could not permit Him to respond a certain way. He remained respectful to His persecutors to the end. He remained peaceful to the end; when He was reviled, He reviled not again, when He suffered, He threatened not; but committed himself to Him that judges righteously. That is the way that a man holding a secret to a desired victory responds; he may appear foolish through his quietness but he fully commits and trusts his life with Him that judges righteously. By this, such a man knows, that God cannot fail him. At the end of His persecution, when Jesus gave up the ghost, the glory of God was revealed so strong that even his persecutors believed and confessed that He was the Son of God. Just a few more hours of perseverance accorded Him a victory that we all busk in.

I have come to appreciate that pressure mounts most on a man that is close to victory and that if such a man is not careful in how he responds, he could easily cast away his victory. Those moments when everything around us appear to be contrary to us are the very ones we should learn to master; those are our defining moments. A man that has not learned to handle desperate moments, heartbreaking situations, treacherous men, evil news and so forth cannot enjoy the taste of victory; if he ever does, it will be short lived. Successful men everywhere have learned to believe and hold onto thoughts and confessions of victory in unappealing situations. To some extent, it is as though negative situations define success. If we are going to live and manifest a consistently victorious life, we must learn to consistently harness situations that cause heart attacks and hypertension to laymen. We must look at Goliath in the face and ask the wavering soldiers what shall be done unto the man that will kill this Philistine. When others are having a panic attack, we must be composed like we are having the best day of our lives. When you walk out of an interview that you know didn’t go well, don’t say I stand no chance; rather say you didn’t like the terms the panel was offering! It might appear like you are lying, but you are simply harnessing. When God told Abraham that he would be a father of many nations, He too appeared like He was lying. When Prophet Elisha through Gehazi inquired of the Shunamite woman concerning her son, she said he was well and yet he was dead; indeed moments later, he arose from death (2Kings 4:26).

When your girlfriend walks away from you, don’t narrate to everybody of how you were dumped; rather say you agreed to call the off relationship after carefully considering each other’s visions. If an exam doesn’t go well, maintain that you are brilliant and that the examiners just didn’t understand you. If there is no food in your house, don’t tell your visitors of how poverty and famine have invaded your house; just tell them that you are fasting and bid them to join you. If your boyfriend doesn’t like you anymore, don’t think you have become ugly; perhaps your beauty is making him insecure. If a business deal you had high hopes in didn’t work out, believe that God wanted a bigger venture for you compared to what you had been pursuing. Those, dear Saint are your defining moments. That is the reason James tells us to count it all joy when we fall into diverse temptations; because he knows that it is through a confident rejoicing in the Lord during complicated situations that we get to see the biggest miracles of our lives.

Andrew Womack often testifies of a time when he received evil news concerning the death of his son. His body had already been placed in a cooler and injected with anti-decay chemicals when Andrew received the news. He begun to feel terrible. Shortly afterwards, he chose to disbelieve the report. “The first report is not the last report” he said. He started worshipping God together with his wife as they drove to the hospital which took them a couple of hours. Upon arrival, they were greeted with the news of a resurrected son. “We don’t know what happened”, they said, “but a few minutes after talking to you on the phone, Joshua woke up”. Had Andrew grieved like any lay man, Joshua would be many years in the grave by now. That was a defining moment in that family. What are your defining moments and how are you going to handle them? That is what will determine your consistency in victories.

FOR FURTHER REFERENCE: James 1:2, Romans 8:28


Dear God! I thank for the wisdom to respond in defining moments. I am unwavering in faith and unwavering in confession. I choose to believe and rejoice in you even under moments of immense pressure that I may partake Christ. I will enjoy victory while here on earth because you purchased it for me. Amen.

Greetings from Sandie! Always remember that Christ in you is the Hope of Glory!

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10th July, 2017


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