May I be permitted to greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am honored to have been chosen by the Lord to be your servant.

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no man pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.

The saddest experience of my life was the contraction and consequently living with and in fear. There is nothing that disgusts my life more than a spirit of fear and timidity. One time the Lord revealed to me that the environment and the circumstances under which I was raised baptized me into fear. Consequently, my whole life was curtailed and my only virtual escape was in reading hard and scoring high grades. I not only feared but I became the personification of fear; I had become fear itself. I guess if anybody spiritual looked into the spirit realm and ‘googled’ the word fear, probably my images would appear tagged to the results.

I remember one day as a teenage boy walking to church and fearing everybody I knew and everybody that tried to approach me for any reason. When I returned home, I dived into my bed and wept so badly asking myself what was wrong with me. But even then, I cried quietly because I feared to be heard crying. Oh what a sad life it was! Another time, I gathered the courage to make an announcement to my Senior Two classmates; the year was 2001. Just as is common with adolescent teenagers, some jeered at me in disagreement; my face fell and I turned to the blackboard in shame and pretended to be writing something until all eyes were off me. Then I dashed to my seat to avoid another glare. Unheard of anywhere in my secondary school, I was bullied by a student in a class lower. Simply put, I was highly infiltrated with the evil spirit called fear.

Just like many other conditions affecting the world, fear is caused by an evil spirit. This particular evil spirit(s) is in tremendous fear of the judgment of God by which they were sentenced to eternal damnation. All evil spirits operate in fear but in this particular one is the fullness of fear. When this spirit enters an individual, it simply lives out its fearful life through that individual. Similar to other spirits, they simply live out their lives through the individual they possess. So it is important to know in the very first place that it is Not You that’s fearing; it is some other entity that is fearing through you. May I therefore now submit to you that you are not a fearful person! You ought to learn to tell the difference. It doesn’t matter what your actions appear to be; you are a different entity created in the image of the Almighty God of whom the scriptures testify that he is the Lion of Judah well knowing that there is no timidity in lions.

It is the wicked that flee even when no man pursues them. If then you be a new creation and the righteousness of God is imputed unto you, how then do you begin to portray traits of the wicked in that you be found to be fearful? Am just trying to clarify to you that it is not you that fears, it is another entity altogether that operates in an individual to fear. Of the righteous, the scripture says in Psalms 112:7 that they do not fear evil tidings because their hearts are fixed trusting in the Lord. The Psalmist also says in Psalms 23:4, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

In Psalms 49:5, the psalmist wonders why he should ever fear in the days of evil when the iniquity at his heels compasses him about.

If there was any person that had reason to fear, it was the Psalmist. Satan always needs an entry point to access one’s life and the possibilities for this to happen to King David were many. Goliath had intimidated an entire nation and its armies; David was definitely no march for Goliath. The testimony of the giant was enough to cause David to flee but he didn’t. David had reason to fear when his own spiritual father (King Saul) sought after his life to slay him on not one an occasion. He had reason to fear when his own son Absalom rose up to destroy him. Interestingly, David never fled from Goliath the mighty one but he fled from Saul and Absalom. Every Christian must learn to flee from fighting with people they have a relationship with and people that are anointed of God weak as they may seem. When a Goliath comes, Christians must be ready to put him in his place; but with people anointed of God and with relatives, things ought to be different, we ought to value relationships.

In relation to fear, there are several possible entry points. Any traumatizing experience is fertile ground to give entry to the evil spirit of fear. Continual screaming and shouting at people eventually makes them susceptible to fear. I once had a neighbor who always yelled at her three year old son calling him a demon and a dog. I was a teenager but I kept wondering what this child would turn out to be later on in life. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to witness his latter life as the family shifted from the neighborhood. I once witnessed a happy child in an orphanage who was given a foster mother. I witnessed the lady call this little girl a heap of rubbish and referring to her as one who had been picked from a rubbish pit. Before long, the girl who had always had countless stories for me could hardly gather the strength to greet me. Without any explanation, I understood her brokenness and quietly prayed that God would bring a solution to the little girl’s life. Sure enough, she was given a different foster mother by the administration of the orphanage. Those hard-hitting situations that people experience open them up and make them susceptible to this evil called fear. Once the evil spirit enters, then it begins to live its life out in the individual.

For this reason, we must all know at it’s first attempt, that fear in itself is just a temptation. However a hard a situation hits, never give the enemy the smell of victory by opening up your heart to receive fear. Never build a philosophy around fear. Amazingly, people who fear find it reasonable to fear. Fear makes sense to them because over the years, they have built a philosophy (a way of thinking that justifies it).The first deliverance to fear therefore is in the mind; to disbelieve everything your mind had previously been persuaded into. One must unlearn their old philosophy regarding fear and teach their mind the philosophy of faith. Faith must be studied and learned until it starts to make sense. If faith does not make sense to you, then fear does and vice versa.

Because fear over time digs its root deep into an individual’s life, it may take some time to unlearn it and allow faith to get deeply rooted in you. You must also keep away from environments that cultivate and breed fear. You may have to cut off certain friends, you may have to quit certain jobs, and you may even have to change church or to even relocate from your neighborhood to one which builds your faith. I have done this for a couple of years now and am much further than where I started from. I have addressed hundreds and thousands of people without a shaking in my body and my life just keeps getting better.

FOR FURTHER REFERENCE: Psalms 3:6, Proverbs 3:24–25


May I agree with you and on your behalf that life will not stay the same; that God will work in you both to will and to do according to his good pleasure. I break the spirit of fear off your life and by the grace of God given to me as his minister, I usher you into the life of faith. I seal this with the blood of Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ; Amen!

Holy Greetings from my wife Sandie!

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5th June 2017


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