A Luxurious Decor Idea With The Handcrafted Persian Rugs

Image Credit: Behruzstudio.com

Persian rugs and carpets depict the true ancient art & culture. The original quality of authentic Persian rugs you would get only from Iran and some imitations are available in many other countries like India, Pakistan, Turkey and China. You would have seen many designs and quality in Persian rugs, but you must know that the authentic rugs are prepared by the expert weavers in Iran.

Know the Authentic Ones

Only a true art lover can identify the original quality of rugs for which you need to know about the small detailing. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your house interior, you are advised to go online once by going through the detailing which should be kept in mind to identify the different between the original and imitation rugs.

Two Persian rugs can’t look the same, you will find different design, pattern and finish in all rugs and carpets.

Knot per square indicates the quality; 250+KPSI will be considered the superior quality product whereas 150KPSI is the poorest quality rugs.

Perfect Craftsmanship with Natural Extracts

You should know that the Persian rugs are made with natural silk or kurkwool where the artisans use natural extracts like vegetables and plant to add a color to it. It is important to know the natural yet a conventional formula to create a charming effect using the traditional design in a modern style.

Certificate for the Authentic Ones

Authentication certificate ensures the quality of these rugs, which will be helpful in identifying that you have spent on a genuine quality and also help you to get a better resale value when you wish to sell a rug after a certain time frame.

Find the numerous designs, unique finishing as well as creative craftsmanship by going online at the rugs shop to add a charm to your interior decor.

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