Tips For Choosing Best Area Rug For Your Room

Buying a rug is like buying dresses for your grandma, if you will buy too short then naturally it will look awkward. So, there are many factors to consider when looking at the rug, like your lifestyle, space and the area.

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The floor covering are a big part of our home, but when it comes to install on our floor, then we must follow some tips before buying it as mentioned below:

1. Measure The Seating Area:- Before shopping an area rug, always measure the size of the seating area, where you need to float it and buy the closest size of the rug. If you are in tight budget and need a rug for small or kids room, then buy a smaller rug that can easily get fit in front of your furniture. You don’t need to measure the size from wall to wall or waste the rug by laying it under the furniture which is not visible. You should understand the main function of the rug, as it considers to pull the room together not to make the separations.

2. Choose The Type Of Room:- It is important to determine the foot traffic in a particular room. If you are choosing a rug for your dining area, then you must pick some dark or bright colors so that they are easy to grasp the stains and easy to make it clean. Whereas, the specifications for the master bedroom is quite different, it must be decent in design or color which increase the richness of your room. And the last living room or family room, where you require most durable and high quality rug.

3. Quality Material Of The Rug’s:- Fibers are the most important part that we need to consider. It has been depended upon the usage and how hard you are on your floors. I thinks, choosing a wool material is quite recommended, because it is easy to clean and maintain. If you like bit shimmer, then you can have silk and viscose, but it is tough to main it fresh and clean for a long time, specially with kids.

4. Sense Of Pattern:- There are certain patterns that are appealing to your eyes, but it is not necessary that it suits to your decor as well, like “Blue Walls” with “Blue Furniture” and “Blue Rug” will completely look flat and boring, if you will add off white rug with this, then it can be looked decent.

Reference: Behruz Studio

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