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Tips for Decorating Your Home with Area Rugs

If you are looking out for ways to breathe new life into those dull spaces of your home, then area rugs can offer new exciting possibilities to any living area. Just like your furniture, wall colour and lighting, area rugs are also an important part of any home décor. What is amazing about these rugs is that they can be used in any room of your home and will accentuate the décor in a beautiful manner. It is one of the simplest ways to decorate or redecorate your home. An ornate piece with an exotic label or a simple rug can add charm and beauty to spaces, transforming rooms into cosy corners or adding elegance to a specific area.

If you are planning to invest in one, read below to find out how to choose and decorate your home with rugs:

●To make the room look spacious choose the rugs which are light in colour and does not have a heavy ornate design. This will make the room look more spacious.

●Choose dark-coloured rugs and a heavy ornate design to make the room look more cosy and warm.

●In order to highlight the existing floors rugs are the perfect tool. You can use small-sized rugs with bright colours to highlight the floor. They instantly draw attention towards the floor.

●Rugs can help manipulate the focal point in the room. Bold, dark and dense patterns become the centre of attraction. A light-coloured area rug placed underneath a furniture can highlight it. Try to keep only one focal point in a particular direction.

●You may want to decorate a room with a theme. You can choose a rug to match your theme. For instance, if you want a Persian theme, then you can buy a Persian rug to match the interiors.

●A rug can change the appearance of the room or living space. A casual designed rug placed in the corner can serve as a casual point whereas, an ornate designed rug can be a centre of attraction.

●You can experiment with the textures and add warmth to the living space.

●You can use light-coloured area rugs with longitudinal design to make hallways and other narrow spaces look wider.

●You can redecorate or decorate your bathrooms by placing a well-designed rug in it. Make sure to match it with the hardware or the tiles. You can create a new theme of the bathroom by placing a rug on the floor.

●A well-coordinated rug can add beauty to the kitchen. Not only will it save the kitchen floor but will also add accents to the kitchen. Make sure to match the area rug with the kitchen cabinets.