Eliminate Bad Breath Permanently

Eliminate Bad Breath In Minutes — Safely, Effectively, And Economically

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We would like to talk to you about a socially destructive problem that almost all of us experience at one time or another:

Bad Breath Disease

Bad breath is so common that it shouldn’t be an embarrassment, but it is. In fact, a seemingly “simple” bad breath problem (1) can lead to genuine and complex challenges, including:

»» Bad Breath Crushes Self-Esteem

It’s hard to feel good about yourself or your abilities when you’re worried that others are offended by the smell of your bad breath. Bad breath replaces self-esteem with self-doubt.

»» Bad Breath Destroys Intimacy

There’s nothing attractive about foul odors. Additionally, those with chronic or recurring bad breath become less attractive due to losses in self-confidence. If you have bad breath, you’re likely to attract fewer mates, to do less dating, to have less sex and to “settle” for relationships that don’t measure up to what you want or deserve.

»» Bad Breath Shrinks Income

If you have halitosis, you’re part of a group that tends to make less money, and that struggles more with career advancement than others do. Bad breath has a negative impact on income and professional opportunity.

The chances are that you too are taking pills, popping mints, chewing gum, and flossing obsessively. Most people who suffer from bad breath will spend between $200 and $1,000 on so-called solutions to the problem each and every year! Collectively, that adds up to more than 1 Billion dollars spent on so-called “bad breath” solutions every year. Read more in (Google Docs)

Unfortunately, they’re wasting their money. The chewing, pill-popping, mint popping, and rinsing offer only temporary relief at best. In many cases, they can’t even manage that. Cruelly, some of the supposed cures actually contain ingredients that make bad breath or Gum Disease even worse.

With Dental Pro7™, you can eliminate bad breath permanently In Just 2 minutes;

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1. Quickly eliminate garlic breath, onion breath and halitosis after eating curry.

2. Safely eliminate stomach infections caused by drinking unsafe water

3. Prevent halitosis (most people get flossing wrong!)

It is the product that your dentist either doesn’t know or don’t want to tell you about having fresh breath each and every day

And Much, Much More!

What People Are Saying About Dental Pro 7™

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Another Benefit Of Dental Pro 7

Dental pro 7 can cure Swollen or puffy gums that can arise as a symptom of gum irritation from aggressive brushing, a recent dental cleaning or another form of dental treatment, or inadequate oral hygiene. Inflamed and bleeding gums due to poor oral hygiene are often a precursor to gum disease and should be treated immediately.

Causes Of Swollen Gums?

Localized inflammation of the gum tissue around a single tooth can be more difficult to diagnose. We list some of the more frequent causes here.

Recent Dental Work

Isolated areas of gum inflammation are often due to recent dental work. For instance, if you recently had a crown seated on a tooth, the dentist will have used a retraction cord to recede the gums surrounding the tooth to allow the crown to integrate with the gum line. An identical process is used when seating dental veneers. In any case, there is usually no immediate cause for concern. The inflammation should subside with time.

Improper Placement Of Dental Restorations

In other instances, improper seating technique can cause bacteria (4) to enter the crevice between the gingiva and restoration causing irritation. Usually, this type of irritation will arise well after treatment. You should seek treatment promptly if you experience sudden swollen gums around tooth. A bacterial infection can mobilize the tooth, causing the restoration to go with it. This type of infection is known as a “gum abscess.” Read My Blog here,

Overly Enthusiastic Brushing

The junction between the gums and tooth structure can also be compromised by aggressive brushing, allowing food particles to embed in inaccessible areas triggering an infection. Attempts to relieve the discomfort on your own may aggravate the problem, especially if you repeatedly prod the area trying to dislodge any trapped food particles.

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