Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. Now He Can’t Escape It.
Jessi Hempel

Jessi Hempel,

Today I read, avidly, your interview of Eli Pariser about Upworthy, sucking up the analysis and data eagerly, but then slowly drifting off as the possible solutions got warmer and fuzzier, coming to a head with the “more from Jessi Hempel” headline, “Sheryl Sandberg…” and the photo of a happy couple. The takeaway from the origional article was, sadly, a written description of a guy surfing off his …

In between there, I found myself thinking maybe I could just go to Upworthy and get a direct feed, since I think I now trust their motivations, and I don’t recall anything I have lately read with their tagline (have I blocked them, or are they not marketing themselves distinctly from their content?).

Anyway, what was my point? I have been reading a lot of stuff I consider honest because it was written by people who were directly connected with the story, AND they were doing their best to think like journalists about it.

Example: http://www.caravanmagazine.in/reportage/swachh-bharat-mission-heading-failure

The information was new to me and stunning in its impact, a fine example of frustration and rage professionally presented. and it left me depressed for hours, “the hole in my day” having been firmly established.

Back to top: Great article. I don’t know how you, or Eli, do your jobs. Keep it up.

Roger Thomas

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