Some people can be convinced by arguing facts and reason. Those people are in the minority. Most people can only be convinced to change because their life will get worse if they don’t. We can do that by tying in racism to social capital. This is how many communities on the left already function — if you say something racist, people won’t like you anymore. I worked for the show Intervention for five years. If a family wants their heroin addict son to change, they can’t give him money and a place to live or he will never stop doing heroin. They have to help him feel the natural consequences of his actions. When he has no place to live, no money, and he isn’t invited to come home for dinner anymore, he may finally hit rock bottom and be ready to quit heroin. Racism is the same. It’s an enticing ideology — it tells people that everything they do is right, and all of their problems are someone else’s fault. How did we take away the power of Nazism after Germany’s defeat in WWII? Well we didn’t have long, patient debates with every single remaining German. We made Nazism social suicide. Some people still believed the racist Nazi ideology, but they kept it mostly to themselves because they knew it was socially unacceptable.
We Should Be Meaner to Racists
Erika Heidewald

Very apt

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