New beginnings…

The only reason for me start up to write here is a need for practice my English. I had the opportunity to live abroad in the past, however, I haven’t been spoken, nor even writing for the last three years.

For those who will eventually read this, I’m wide open for your criticism and tips, I think discussion and swapping ideas is the great tool for improving our society, but to be frank I really do not see our world becoming any better in a near future. Shall I think different about that? Ok, this subject I will handle in another post.

As you can see I am getting used to this website, I really don’t know if this is the right place for my purpose, Nevertheless, I will be doing this until I find the one what fits me in.

My essays here will be really short, and non-sophisticated, because I don’t have much spare time to spend here, besides what the main reason to be here is my own learning.

As a manner of fact, this will be like talking to myself, as the weird chats that we have in our minds, about the bands that (I guess..) only I listen to, IT (computer networks, not programming) and videos games.

To finish, this is about nothing.

Does it remind you something?

I hope so.

See you!

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