Ok, screw it. Let’s Talk About Suicidal Ideation
Tom Pollock

Hi Tom, I found what you wrote interesting. I was reminded of “The Poisoned Parrot”, here’s a link if you want to meet him http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/docs/TheParrot.pdf . Something I have found personally helpful is the idea that just as we have bio-electro chemical connections between neurons in our brains called synapses (each neuron is changed by the connection) so there ‘may’ be ‘social synapses’ that work in the same way. That’s a blinkin’ long complicated sentence! Summat about choosing nourishing connections with people, animals, objects, places, gods, music, art, sounds & stuff in your universe. Chew over those connections & spit out the poisonous & enjoy those that are nourishing & lift your spirits.

All the best,