Yes, the System is Rigged!

This is something I learned in either 1968, or maybe 1969, when transitioning from kindergarten to first grade.

This tragedy took place over forty-years ago. It wasn’t until today, that I had the courage to speak about it publicly.

The setting was Courtright Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio.

The site of the evil event.

The evil I speak of was transitioning from kindergarten to first grade.

During kindergarten we were allowed to play, encouraged to nap and given milk and cookies. Not a bad deal, at all.

The next year, was filled with a desk, chair, paper, pencils, ruler, books and a person much larger than us, telling us things, giving us history, teaching us math, spelling, etc.

What a freaking load of crap!

You sold me on the cookies and then sucked me into 12 years of learning.

Man, I’m grateful those days are in the past.

Life isn’t fair.

The world we get to change is our own.

That’s how we make a difference.

Live life.

Be the change.

Make a difference.

Stay away from the herd, if you want to be heard!

Laughter, fun, honesty and passion are our tools to making a great life, even if it’s rigged for, or against us. They are all free, if we use them.

Staying away from gossip, fear, hate, self-righteous anger and throwing fits just because someone else got a toy we wanted, that’s what defines our own personal integrity.