He’s one thing that I think IS wrong with our country. We no longer have a citizenry that has any real connection with what John Kennedy suggested we all do: be of some service to our country. (He said: “ASK not what your country can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your country.”). Ninety-eight percent of our population has no connection with the country’s military services and I’ll bet that ninety-seven percent have never performed ANY sort of service to this nation without a naked profit motive. Donald Trump is a leader of that ninety-eight percent.

Now I know that Donald feels more than a tinge of if not guilt at least a certain feeling of “lack” or emptiness because he has NO military service. In fact, he did everything he could to avoid any sort of military service at all.

I know he feels this emptiness in his resume because he as much as said so when he wistfully discussed the Purple Heart Medal. I am really trying to wrap my head around Trump’s comments about it. That medal is not coveted by anyone as far as I know. Certainly no rational adult could actually WANT to be awarded the Purple Heart. The medal is awarded to those who are wounded in combat.

For anyone who doesn’t know what they mean, the ribbons that adorn the breasts of service members dress uniforms are a summary of their service histories…where they went, what they did and if any, medals or special awards they earned by their service. A lot of those ribbons are of the “been there, done that” variety. But at the very top of the stack of ribbons are those given for valor, special service, and the Purple Heart. As a former service member, there are only two medals that really knock my socks off. I saw one of them only once, the other far too often.

The first is the Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is awarded for bravery in the extreme and for service given to the limit of any human ability. That’s why most Medals of Honor are given posthumously because most awardees don’t survive their experience and have sacrificed themselves for others. All service members of ALL ranks are required to render the hand salute to any Medal of Honor awardee.

The other medal that knocks my socks off is the Purple Heart.It doesn’t matter to me what nature of the wound. It’s enough for me to know that the recipient got it for combat related wounds, and ANY wound received in combat earns my respect and everlasting “thanks for your service”. I know that recipient might well have not survived his service at all.

Donald is in a way, volunteering for service to this country. Let’s take his running for the Presidency as, in his own way evidence of his willingness and desire to make amends for not serving his country in his youth when his country was involved in a foreign war. Instead he sought many deferments of questionable origin and validity. AND Trump has said he’d always wanted a Purple Heart.

So, to honor Mr. Trump’s willingness to sacrifice and to service, I propose that he get his Purple Heart, in advance of service. It seems only fair that his good intentions at this point be met with the award and thanks of a grateful nation. And I also think it will be an excellent opportunity for Mr. Trump to learn the true meaning of the sorts of service those who wore their uniforms into harms way leaned in their own most difficult manner, by being wounded.

I am sure in his sincerity, Mr Trump will agree and his award of the Purple Heart must be immediate for his “wounds” in service. I am sure Mr. Trump will agree that the award should not be honorary, so how about making a small sacrifice to symbolize those sacrifices made by others?

To make it real, Mr. Trump, how about removing one leg, three fingers from your right hand and your right eye? Those would be real wounds, though not nearly as severe as many suffered by real servicemen and women, wounded while in real combat. If you want to do that while running for President, I’ll agree that your concept of service is sincere.

For like those in service wounded in combat, your Purple Heart will be awarded for wounds that will last a life time.

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