The Matchup Hillary Can’t Win
Dave Pell

Just this one thought, that came to me earlier tonight. Hillary, be prepared for Trump to decline to shake hands at the beginning. Unless one is prepared, such a tactic can leave one standing there in awkward silence with their hand dangling out in midair — a pathetic supplicant before the first words have been exchanged; indeed, before the first question has been asked. Be prepared for that — and be prepared for finding that you are, despite all your preparation, not prepared for some outrageous non-sequitur that comes lurching down Trump Pike. In the words of an earlier Donald — be emotionally and psychologically prepared for those “unknown unknowns.”

How? Needs to be your answer; not mine, or anyone else’s. But if it were me, I’d try to carry close at hand a recognition of how the outcome of this debate could determine whether we are, as a nation, a civilization, and quite possibly as a species, sustainable. Then I would strive to wrap that Enormity in a belly-laugh worthy of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. — and go on about my business.