This is definitely the most interesting response I’ve yet to receive, for what it’s worth.
Memo Salazar

Okay, I just signed up for this, after having spent a vast amount of time reading your “One piece of writing every Hillary . . .” piece, along with many stretches of rebuttal/dialogue, instead of doing my taxes. SO much that I appreciated, but right now I’ll just say two things,. 1) Your CIVILITY is priceless, and I pray that it is contagious. 2) I am so much on the same page about the magnitude of the issue of global warming, and the attendant cascade of environmental disruptions/misfortunes. It is my perspective, emerging over the last several decades (I’m 73), that addiction is centrally implicated in our global predicaments. Here’s a glimpse of how that might read:

One final question — who the hell are you? The musician? Whoever you are, I’m glad you are.

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