The life of minimalist.

I don’t need much, and probably u 2.

Today was a great day, another funny day with my friends.

We all have to make some time for fun, no matter how busy we are, because life goes on and the people whom you really attached to, won’t be there forever.

I like squeezing the whole thing out of my day, I can’t settle, I have too much energy and such a limited time. In our digital age, we sometimes getting lost in the jungle of algorithms, which presumably should make our lives connected.

We often take the things for granted, and keep pushing the limits, without noting that other people have the limited patience. We often mistaken kindness for weakness, patience for indifference and that’s where we start loosing people.

I never needed too much from anyone, but a smile on their face and mutual respect.

Most likely I’ll just stay as minimalist as possible, which gives me the freedom from boredom, when you don’t expect anything from anyone.

Keep it simple as possible. Do not expect anything from anyone, be a good friend, be a kind person and you’ll be good.

Thanks for having me.