Setting up an application is something that we repeat over and over again. Even when using a good third party tool they are either quickly outdated or are so complex, so much extra time is required learning about them. This can cancel out the time saving benefits of using a third party fully featured boilerplate.

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A strategy that I want to adopt is to create my own starter template and update annually or when there is a feature I desperately want.

The reason I am going with this approach is:

  • It is tailored to my own preferences.
  • I have a…

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Git hooks allow scripts to be executed before or after certain git processes.

This is a fantastic way to ensure tests are run, code is formatted, etc, before even pull requests are created.

Even though this article uses Flutter commands, the set up is identical across all git projects. It is only the content of the hooks that differ.

Change the default hooks folder to one that can be versioned

By default, git hooks reside in the ./git/hooks folder. The problem is that this folder would not be part of source control and everyone in your team should be using the same hooks. For this example, we will create a folder…


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