The offensive, sexist joke that is Candy Carson vs. Michelle Obama
Ashley Mae Hunt

Here’s my central issue with your article: while I appreciate the fact that this is an inherently cruel joke — it most certainly is — but attempting to chalk it up to yet another feminist argument is simply grasping at straws. Carson is currently polling second in the GOP field (or was at the time of this meme), naturally, he and his wife are going to be the subject of the public eye for a bit and this is likely to result in perhaps some cruel jokes. It’s not that these jokes are acceptable, that’s far from the argument I’m making, the point here is that this is not a point for feminism. This is a point about the humor of the American people, something that matters so little compared to foreign policy, the economy or, heck, feminism. It’s articles like these that distract us from the more pressing issues.

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