Thriving communities & the solidarity economy
Daniel Christian Wahl

I’m certain this reads well in academic circles. On the surface I agree with the intent. Current economic systems, all based on growth, are unsustainable. Monoculture farming is unsustainable, continued dependence on nonrenewable resources is unsustainable. Local and regional empowerment is a good idea but trade will and must continue and that will create imbalances. Technological advancement on renewable energy systems is where to start. Focusing on real organic non GMO foods is a start. At some point “we” must break the banks. For this reason any idea that working through the U.N. or any other such machine of the global corporate cabal is suicidal. It is not in their interest to help. Their purpose is to use such a movement to centralize their own power base as they do with both climate change and social justice. So while I agree with the intent of this piece it reads like the author is a willing pawn.