Popular Youtbers Caught In Rigging Gambling?

In recent days, information has been revealed to the public that paints famous YouTube.com and Twitch.tv content creators in dark manipulative ways, mainly Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell, and Trevor “TMartn” Martin for advertising a Counter Strike : Global Offensive gambling website, CSGOLotto.com, without disclosing that they own the entire operation.

With recent scandals of Valve being involved in a class action lawsuit for knowing about underage gambling, and M0e.tv, another popular content creator, receiving future rolls and winning big on a gambling website csgodiamonds.com, there was an extreme backlash to Mr. Cassell and Mr. Martin for this scandal. Many people have had negative reaction, and for good reason. TMartn had uploaded a video in response to this reaction, and he said, “Myself and a few other people, including Tom or ProSyndicate own CsgoLotto. This is something that has never been a secret, I don’t understand why this is big breaking news now cuz it’s never been underwraps…” However, in videos from the past, when he first began mentioning CsgoLotto.com, he said “ “We found this new site called CsgoLotto,we were betting on it today and I won a pot … it was the coolest feeling ever. ” He did not mention in this video that he was an owner, saying that CsgoLotto.com might be thinking of sponsoring him, lying and disproving his point in his newest video. TMartn has recently changed his descriptions of all his videos from “Site Used CSGO Lotto: CsgoLotto.com” to “Video made in collaboration with CSGOLotto. Play at your own risk and please don’t play if you’re underage or it’s not legal in your jurisdiction.”

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