Education — The maker of a nation

Education does not mean literacy: Education is to develop a human mind. Literacy is able to read and write. Education is physical, psychological, moral and ethical development of the human being. An educated person does not mean that he can read and write, but he is literate with moral and ethical values. An educated society will develop the nation better.

Uneducated society is the root cause of low economic growth. The literacy rate of Pakistan is one of the highest in the world. The society which is claimed to be educated is without values. The main cause of illiterate society is that we are not investing in it. The current spending on education sector in 2014 is 2.1% of GDP, as compared to other Asian states; China is spending around 4% of GDP, India is spending above 3% of GDP, Bhutan is spending 5.6%, and Nepal is spending 4.1%.

The other cause is accountability and transparency. The money that is spent on education does not reach the grass root level. There are high numbers of ghost schools. No one is accountable for the investment that the government has made. This is because of uneducated people and that in the other way is hitting the economic growth and the development of Pakistan as a nation.

Pakistan has the 2nd highest number of out-of-school population. These are the children who have never been to school. This is because of lack of awareness. The society does not know the importance of education. There are many NGOs working to create awareness about education. The improvement in education will lead to the development of the economy in the long run.

Poverty is increasing because of the low quality of education. Unskilled labor has less opportunity for employment. It is one of the causes of low economic growth. When people are deprived of food than they faced with rise of dissatisfaction and sense of injustice. A person could spend his life without basic things, but when it comes to family and children, they could not stop themselves from ill ways of earning.

Education will enhance the cognitive thinking process. If the mindset changes and works on modern techniques than this will directly increase the economic growth, which will help in building a stronger nation. Developed countries have adopted modern method of doing work. Pakistan is an agricultural country. A huge number of population work as a farmer. These people are mostly uneducated i.e. why they are getting low yield per acre as compared to neighboring countries. The modern ways of getting higher yield are not known by the farmers. This is affecting the economy of the country.

The economy is divided into three sectors: Primary sector; secondary sector and tertiary sector. The sector that gives maximum is tertiary sector, but our more than 45% of the workforce is involved in primary sector i.e. mostly agriculture. The secondary sector consists of manufacturing. Pakistan is mainly focusing on textile goods. The agriculture sector contribution to GDP is 20.9% and consist of 43.5% of employment, while the service sector contributes about 60% to GDP with much less workforce allocate to the sector as compared to agriculture. The education will give labor. Ways to improve quality of the products that they are doing and make them able to compete in international markets. Improved quality and techniques will Increase the economy of a nation.

The economic growth can improve by the improving the education system of Pakistan. Once the education system will improve, it will reduce the unemployment and give society more opportunities to earn in better ways and to develop as a nation.

To improve the education system of Pakistan, it is important to bring reforms in the system. There should be one system across Pakistan and every citizen should have equal right to get an education.

There should be no discrimination between male and female or on the basis of color, religion, creed or caste. Everyone should get equal to get basic education. Males have to earn livelihood for the family and female has to nurture a new generation, so it`s equally important to get equal opportunity to get an equal education.

A nation can only develop when Economic is developing, and for economic development, it is important to invest in the human capital and it takes time to produce results. One more important thing is to control the system through accountability and transparency. A committee should be developed in each province to monitor and evaluate the system and ghost schools should be eliminated. Proper infrastructure should be provided to the schools so the young generation may help in developing the nation.

The budget for education should increase by 4% of GDP by 2018. It will be a better stem towards development and it will eventually increase the economy of the nation.

An awareness program should also start through the media. It should focus on the importance of the education and benefits that citizens get but getting an education.

The economic growth of any country depends on many factors, but one of the important factor is education. An educated society is not one that is merely able to read and write, but it should also be able to develop decision making powers in human minds with moral and ethical values. Therefore, it is important to focus on education and increase budget, make reforms in the system and provide education to every individual in the country. This will make Pakistan capable to compete in the world as other developed nations.