Well, I think you’re looking at it too hard as a kaiju film and not as a mecha film.

Green, that’s a great counter to the the article’s point.

I originally came here because I (finally) had this realisation about Pacific Rim.

To give my own story of my feelings about this film, at first I was quite snobbish, it seemed simplistic, a pastiche. It enjoyed a lot of its success on the back the comic book hero movie revival (and the Kaiju theme itself). It also drew no small amount of attention due to Guillermo himself.

Then I watched it, and here and there I really enjoyed it. Some parts seemed dumb, some great. I ruminated.

Just now I’ve had this thought on the thing itself. Breaking down everything around it, to the core themes: It’s propaganda. Which has it’s place, everyone has agendas and wants to transmit them. But this one was 60 or so years too late. To give my view:

Basically, imperial japan spews monsters into the sea. The first ‘incursion’ catches the world by surprise (Pearl Harbour). Then, steadily, the IJN projects its power over many innocent nations. The allies fight back (with isolationism, ie THE WALL). Eventually, when isolationism is proved ineffective, the offence is selected; we’re going back to fists (almost literally). To “solve” the problem, someone has to seal the gap with a nuke.

Viewed in a vacuum, the film is enjoyable. Given it’s context in the world at large, it’s become quite macabre

to me.

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