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In the first week of 2018, Meltdown and Spectre were publicly disclosed. The news of these vulnerabilities led to shockwaves across the world, with consumers and businesses terrified about their security posture and potential to be compromised.

To understand why these vulnerabilities were such a problem, we need to understand what makes them unique. Although there are hundreds of new vulnerabilities reported every day, the vast majority of them are in the software. This includes the operating system (such as Windows 10, macOS, android, or iOS) or the web browser you are using (such as Chrome or Mozilla).

When a software vulnerability is disclosed, developers can debug and diagnose what is causing the aberrant behaviour, fix the code that caused the vulnerability in the first place, and finally, release the patched version of the software to make it available immediately to everyone in the world. …

Rohan Kulkarni

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