Queen of Herbs: 5 Benefits of Holy Basil

Meet the Queen of Herbs

the University of Michigan health system(UMHS) calls holy basil the queen of herbs, UMHS suggests, Holy Basil has been called the “Queen of Herbs” since the ancient civilization time in India.

Holy Basil belongs to Lamiaceaefamily. It is also famous as Tulsi or Sacred Basil.

The scientific name of holy basil is Ocimum Tenuiflorum.

European herbalists and physicians hailed holy basil as “King of Herbs

Kapoor Holy Basil: Common Type of Tulsi

Kapoor is one of the varieties of holy basil, which is common in the United States. It attracts bees because of their unique fragrance.

There are other varieties of holy basil such are Dark, Light and Wild Leaf(Ocimum Gratissimum) holy basil.

Holy Basil as “King of Herbs

Surprising Benefits of Holy Basil

1) Protect from Harmful Bacteria

Holy Basil is a good solution for bacterial infections, These infections can make blunder even if you have small damages or injuries.

According to National Institutes of Health, Holy Basil might be quite nicely highly efficient antibiotic against debilitating and harmful bacteria.

2) Dietary Therapy for Diabetes

An experimental study on albino rats reported the leaf extract of holy basil had a hypoglycemic effect, which is also known as low blood sugar or low blood glucose.

They decided to get more evidence to know more about the effect of holy basil for the treatment of postprandial blood glucose and serum cholesterol levels in humans through randomized, placebo-controlled.

Results indicated a good drop in fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels throughout that treatment with holy basil leaves in comparison the treatment with placebo leaves.

the study suggested that leaves of holy basil may be prescribed as adjunct to dietary therapy and drug treatment in mild to moderate NIDDM (a form of diabetes).

3) Good For Asthma

Holy Basil is good for the treatment of asthma because it reduces blockage and makes it possible for easier inhaling and exhaling or smoother breathing.

Holy basil contains the crucial component which support to get rid of several actual factors of asthma additionally. These crucial elements present in holy basil are phytonutrients, essential oils, and various other minerals.

4) Combat Stress

The most convincing evidence indicates that holy basil may help combat the effects of stress. products made from holy basil are extensively utilized to deal with health problems relevant to stress in India and in other places, Dr. Andrew Weil Suggests.

In 1991 one study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology, for the comparison of holy basil to Siberian ginseng and Asian ginseng and the result was that holy basil was the most effective and strong anti-stress agent of the three, and holy basil also had the maximum border of safety.

5) Protect Us from Different Diseases

Antioxidants perform an important role for having a good health and lowering the risk of diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer, and can possibly play a role to supporting better to slow down the aging process.

I have discussed several points to indicate the benefits and important of Holy Basil.

Holy Basil benefits are huge, but there is the lack of research on human, research mostly examined on mice or animals.

Holy Basil has a great place in India, It has the known to be a goddess in India (there are many myth stories related to it) and additionally holy basil tea are famous for their warming effect and curing a cold.

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