Why Healthy Handful Logo Does Not Work For Brazil Nuts?

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Anyone can discover that Brazil nuts come from Brazil because of the word “brazil” it has in its name and they are usually found in numerous parts of the Amazon.

Several typical names of this nut in regional dialects are castanha-do- pará, castania, para-nut, cream-nut, Castaña-de- Brazil (chestnuts of Brazil) and so on.

Brazil nuts are one of a kind and unique among all the nuts simply because it has decent amount of selenium.

Healthy Handful Logo Doesn’t Apply For Brazil Nuts

Health experts suggests, “A small handful of unsalted nuts daily”, but this spell doesn’t apply for Brazil nuts. If you eat a small handful of Brazil nuts on daily basis you may suffer from Selenium toxicity, which is also known as “Selenosis”.

According to the healthy handful logo, there are 30 g of nuts per day and 30 g of Brazil nuts are close to 10 Brazil nuts.

1 Brazil nut has 95.9 mcg selenium, and it is more than the Recommended Dietary Allowances of selenium.

Therefore, the healthy handful logo of health experts doesn’t apply here because 10 Brazil nuts will contain too much selenium and if you consume 10 nuts daily it will cause you selenium toxicity.

In case you are going with the advice of the health experts, who suggest to eat a small handful of unsalted nuts daily, then make sure that all nuts are different and all nuts are not Brazil nuts because this is how you can avoid selenium toxicity.

But what we will do if we only want to eat Brazil nuts, and we don’t have other nuts?

Then we need answer of this question — “how many Brazil nuts can I eat per day?”.

How Many Brazil Nuts Can I Eat Daily?

It is important to understand how many Brazil nuts you can eat by staying at the safe side.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that Consumption of 2 Brazil nuts daily is effective for increasing selenium status and according to fitnesspell, you will have more amount of selenium that you need for a day if you eat 1 brazil nut only.

Then again, Selenium specialist Professor Christine Thomsonrecommends, people should be careful to limit themselves to not eat more than a few Brazil nuts every day, otherwise selenium could potentially increase to toxic levels in body tissues.

Here is the answer -: You can Eat 2 Brazil nuts a day.

The Next subject is Selenium toxicity.

Selenium Toxicity

Selenium toxicity is often known as “Selenosis”. The excessive consumption of selenium can cause you to suffer from selenosis.

Some of the symptoms of selenium toxicity includes garlic breath, brittle hair or nails, loss of hair or nails, nausea, diarrhea, metallic taste in the mouth, discoloured teeth and skin rashes and so on.

If you know how much selenium or Brazil nuts you can eat on a daily basis then you can avoid these negative health effects.

Let me know via comments if you have had any experiences with Selenium toxicity or Brazil nuts.

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