Privately Owned Public Space — POPS

What is POPS?

People over at Advocates for Privately Owned Public Space ( describe it as,

[slang POPS] 1. a plaza, arcade, or other outdoor or indoor space provided for public use by a private office or residential building owner in return for a zoning concession 
2. a type of public space characterized by the combination of private ownership and zoning-specified public use 
3. one of 525 or so plazas, urban plazas, residential plazas, public plazas, elevated plazas, arcades, through block arcades, through block gallerias, through block connections, covered pedestrian spaces, sidewalk widening, open air concourses, or other privately owned public spaces specifically defined by New York City’s Zoning Resolution and accompanying legal instruments
 4. Law’s oxymoronic invention

The 2 Gold Street is one such Privately Owned Public Space, found at the intersection of Gold Street on the west and Platt Street on the North. This urban plaza extends largely from in-front the northeast corner of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton and Harry’s Pizza Bar on the South. It then flanks into a narrow sidewalk strip alongside the TF Cornerstone office and The Montessori School of Manhattan.

The space in itself is airy, easily accessible for 24 hours and is Physically Disabled friendly. There is also a big artwork installation in its corner which gives it a distinctive look from its surroundings. Completed in 2003 and managed by Golden Hill, TF Cornerstone Inc. it has a seating arrangement of 195 linear feet. Majority of them are fixed steel and wooden benches with back support. A few movable chairs were found in the space but were being used by patrons of the open private restaurant, which sort of undermines the virtue of it being a public amenity.

There is around 275 square feet of plantation in this plaza to provide the necessary green cover to the area. Additional amenities includes trees of Rhododendrons and Manhattan Euonymus, which transforms it into a lively place and a potential social hub.