Climate Change and Finance

Are “Green Banks” the Solution to Climate Change?

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President Biden plans to fight climate change and create jobs via infrastructure spending. However, to make America green, the economy must go green: corporations and banks must move towards renewables.

Some institutions are considering sustainability. Global banks invested $1.9 trillion in renewables during 2016–2018 after the Paris Accords. 5 American banks also pledged to end Arctic drilling investment.

Yet, this transition isn’t complete. 33 global banks invested $1.9 trillion in fossil-fuels between 2016–2019. US banks invested double in fossil-fuels over renewables during 2016–2018. …


American healthcare is sh*t. Why doesn’t it change?

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This graphic tells you everything you need to know about US healthcare (forgive the animation, I was feeling bored).

Look how much the US spends on healthcare:


Donald Trump has morphed into Ronald Reagan. No, that’s not a good thing.

This article can be found in my “Political Analysis” section.

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President Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was a masterclass in how not to run a campaign.

All I have to say is:

The 1980s called. They want their campaign strategy back.

I’ve argued before that Trump ran a smart campaign in 2016:

“Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on voting for the Iraq War (which has killed 200,000 civilians since 2003). …


Donald Trump and Joe Biden illustrate a quick example

This will be an opinion article.


COVID-19 has exposed the flaws with our healthcare system, including how easy it is for people to lose insurance

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2020 Election

Trump is in too big of a hole

This article can be found in my “Political Analysis” section.

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Speculation about Joe Biden’s running mate is rampant. He’s supposed to announce it this week, so people are dying to know.

But amidst all this hype, let me say this:

Biden’s vice-president pick (probably) won’t matter.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Trump’s Approval Rating Is Low

Before COVID-19, I thought that Trump was the favorite to win. Back in January, the economy was doing good enough that Trump could boast “I’m doing such a good job!”

Though people were arguably dissatisfied with Trump, Joe Biden may not have mustered the enthusiasm among voters that…

Climate Change

How to save our planet and save money

This article can be found in my “Policy Opinions” section.


The good in his political record

This will be an opinion piece. For more policy analyses, objective articles, and political commentary, check out my main publication, The Cynical Report.

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If you haven’t heard, John Lewis — former civil rights hero and Congressman — died recently. He’s had lots of positive press for his civil rights career.

But what’s going unnoticed is his record as a politician. He had an interesting career, so let’s talk about it in detail.

For the most part, John Lewis was an anti-establishment maverick. He stood up to political insiders and didn’t sell out to big donors. …

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