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We’re excited to announce our biggest user experience overhaul as Sumo Logic enters its 8th year.

Here’s quick list of some amazing things in the new UI.

1. An integrated workspace

Everything now opens in tabs. This makes workflows like drilling down into dashboards, switching between log searches, or jumping between Metrics and Log Searching much smoother.

The workspace remembers your state so when you log back into Sumo Logic, it fires up your tabs from the previous session.

I am fortunate to be working with skilled designers, designers who love collaborating, are great at what they do, and most importantly, designers who know how to lead. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how ambiguity affects design. Specifically, how designers are often expected to come up with magical solutions to amorphous problems.

Writing a design brief is tricky business. You do not want the brief to be so specific that you are effectively reduced to a computer executing a piece of code. …

A lot of design is just thinking through the several edge cases a product would be subjected to. As a designer, your responsibility does not end at defining the vision of the product. You need to think about, talk through and visualize all the ways a user might use the product.

Of course, you cannot account for every single edge case. There will be some things you fail to account for and it will result in a slightly negative user experience. As a designer, you need to constantly comb your product to discover these unaddressed problems.

For example, Sumo Logic…

I have been working in the industry for almost 3 years and I have a Master’s degree in HCI. It’s surprising that I still think about what skills make for a good interaction designer. Some of my friends are interaction designers, I read articles by interaction designers, I work with designers. I think I have a vague idea of what skills make for a good interaction designer.

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This is an evolving list. I’ll keep adding it as I become more aware of what I do every day.

Overview I think Interaction Design is not as craft heavy as some other…

I have figured out a routine again that would enable me to write content consistently. I had a solid routine but fell out of it because that’s just what happens sometimes. This time, I plan for the routine to stick longer.

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Routines are critical.

I have decided to start posting my articles on Medium as well. I don’t promote my Wordpress blog through my social network. I don’t really make an effort to get it out there. With Medium, I feel like I’m taking my blog to a blog playground where everybody gets their own blog and plays with other people’s blogs. …

There is a dearth of prototyping tools for web based products. A new prototyping tool emerges in the market every day, but most of these tools are focused on mobile prototyping. I understand why these prototyping tools focus on mobile apps. Mobile is still a relatively new medium and everybody is still figuring out the best way to work with it. By focusing their prototyping tools on mobile apps, software developers are trying to corner a developing market.

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Axure is an un-sexy product. The interface looks like it’s from the late 90s. It feels bulky and bloated to use. There…

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