Prototyping tools for web products

There is a dearth of prototyping tools for web based products. A new prototyping tool emerges in the market every day, but most of these tools are focused on mobile prototyping. I understand why these prototyping tools focus on mobile apps. Mobile is still a relatively new medium and everybody is still figuring out the best way to work with it. By focusing their prototyping tools on mobile apps, software developers are trying to corner a developing market.

Axure is an un-sexy product. The interface looks like it’s from the late 90s. It feels bulky and bloated to use. There are too many check boxes, buttons, there are too many decisions you’re forced to make. It’s not an easy product to master. Mobile designers want their tools to function like a mobile app — everything should be less than 3 clicks, the interface should have minimal text, you should have limited options with you to prevent “cognitive overload”.

I wish there was a tool simpler than Axure that let you prototype complex web applications. There is a need for a tool that basically lets you do what HTML and Jquery do but with a GUI attached to it. What it really needs is the ability to let people comment on the prototype. UXPin does an almost decent job of solving this problem, but I hate the fact that it’s a browser-based tool and that you cannot zoom into the interface. I just cannot get accustomed to the idea of “working in the browser”.

I need a mac based prototyping tool for the web that also solves the problem of sharing like Invision and collaboration like Sketch. Yes, it’s super easy to collaborate between designers using Sketch.

Originally published at on October 20, 2015.

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