Treating Shoes as digital product?

I read a good piece in Fast Company about the comeback of Adidas. Other than the various innovations Adidas is applying around getting celebs to design their own shoes (which becomes a collector’s item sometimes), leveraging sports, etc to tap the US sneaker market (which represents a whopping 45%of the $55 billion global sneaker market!!!); what really stood out was the purposeful step Adidas is taking to stay innovative.

They have created ‘Speedfactories’ which treat the shoe as a digital product and play with various aspects of shoe making. Be it manufacturing, testing how different materials fit and react to feet when worn, building shoe using 3D technology, etc. At the end of the day improving time to market and thinking out of the box will definitely provide Adidas an edge!

So why not? A shoe (a product) can also be treated as a digital product… after all, Adidas is in the business of making good shoes…

All the best!