Your growth mindset is waiting — outside your comfort zone!

So, I wrote a little about getting into the mode of learning yesterday and I wanted to add some of the learning from my personal journey.

A big part of trying to get into the mindset of learning requires a change or break from your regular routine. Those same regular activities that keep you tucked comfortably to take on the new day, everyday.

Trying to change one of that requires making a sacrifice, substituting a regular activity for another which is more aligned to the growth you are trying to achieve, missing your personal chill time or just reducing the zoning out time…

It needs to be a deliberate and planned activity

I mentioned in my previous post that one of the things I did was to watch videos or listen to podcast during cardio — what did I do before? Watch Netflix of course and it was awesome!!! Letting go of that much excitement during cardio(which helped with the boredom and chore of cardio)to something that required me to pay more attention during a strenuous activity like cardio was not an easy change. My cardio sessions started to get smaller due to the lack of excitement which watching Netflix series/movies provided previously. I had to grit it out and persist and slowly things started turning around and now every cardio session is back to my original time with learning courses instead of awesome and exciting Netflix.

So, change is hard… And painful… Sometimes boring… But totally worth it!

That’s where a whole new world is waiting to be discovered, your potential “what-could-I-be-if” question is waiting to be discovered in that uncomfortable zone!

So as you are charting your learning journey and when you fail once or twice or many time like I do, remember you are not alone… if it was that easy — everyone would do it! ;-)

All the best!