Trump and the art of Deceptiveness

Growing up we have all seen men in office buildings, making decisions for us. These politicians are supposed to be representing us, but many times the individuals in politics and decision making are there to serve themselves and gather as much power as possible. This situation is made worse by the deep divisiveness and polarization of politics, so that politicians vote along uncompromising party lines; in addition to that we also have unrelenting politicians. What results is a political system that simply does not work. There are numerous problems with our current political system ranging from the very limitations of a representative democracy, an apathetic population toward politics, and politicians who are more than willing to exploit these weaknesses to pitch their ideas to a small supportive base. The resulting indecision that characterizes so many people fuels a strong resentment toward how political affairs are run.

Winston Churchill stated it best: “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others”. If there was a statement that underlines all that is wrong with the political system, it is this statement. Representative democracy in a North American context boils down to politicians making short term decisions in order to increase favor with their supporters and gain more political favors/support rather than making decisions that would have the maximum benefits for the entire population and minimize any risks. This also means politicians making short term decisions that benefit their time in office, and passing down the long term effects (mostly negative as these decisions are not well planned or poorly executed) to the next person taking up their role. The democratic rights of citizens to vote for their elected representatives every 4 years for the president only adds a certain level of accountability, which is short of the accountability that many citizens want from their elected politicians, but I shall expand on this idea in the next paragraph.

We all live busy lifestyles and are each trying to improve our standing in the world. But yet we forget that in order to have a competent system of governance which controls many facets of our life we require two essentials: 1) an education, and 2) a knowledgeable citizenry on political affairs and events. We as a society seem to be doing a satisfactory job in department A, but when it comes to department B many people have this notion of unconcerned interest towards politics and an outright dissent of all things related to politics. Many people have to be constantly reminded of the fact that whether they like it or not, political issues affect literally most of their life, and so to turn a blind eye to this facet of their life is frankly reckless behavior. Knowledgeable citizens recognize politicians only do as much as the public interest and concerns allow them to do. Politicians and Politics in general are very dependent on the general voter to place constraints on their decisions. Apathy from the general public allows for politicians to make terrible political decisions that have various long term effects. It is exactly this kind of thinking that gives rise to popular anti-establishment voters like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump is a man who is willing to exploit the general lack of interest that society has towards politics and is using this to his advantage and inching closer to the White house. Donald Trump represents the lowest kind of thinking in our society. Most of his popular support can be attributed to the fact that he has reduced politics to the lowest common dominator of human beings. We may all occasionally have racist, bigoted thoughts, but we also have political correctness for a reason: it’s to stop us from saying things that would alienate us from a portion of the population and incite hatred and a divisive society. Millions of brave men and women died for us in WW1 and WW2; they fought for an idea they believed in, to create a society where all citizens ranging from various backgrounds, sex, religious identity and sexual orientation can co-exist peacefully together. It is rich from Donald Trump to say “Make America Great Again” when what made America a great place to live and bring up a family is that people were tired from the constant tyranny of their political leaders who were aggressively pushing all citizens to conform to society’s norms. One of the major factors that caused millions from the European continent to immigrate to the Americas, particularly America and to a lesser extent Canada, was the fact that the economies of Europe were in such a dire state due to WW2. This war took place because the world refused to address its inner demons, namely a lack of toleration towards others, which resulted in the rise of anti-Semitism which has been with us from the dawn of time. To see the results of this one simply has to look at the Jewish people who are one of the most prosecuted group throughout the history of mankind. About 6 million Jewish people died in the concentration camp operated by the Nazis, and these atrocities could have been avoided if the world recognized the threat posed by Hitler in 1939. But the reasons for the world’s inaction are numerous and are there to be addressed by historians. Trump doesn’t have that much of a difference to Hitler in the rhetoric he uses to scapegoat various minority groups and blame them for the various problems the white man faces. After millions of lives were lost in WW2 human society made institutions like the European Union, IMF and the World Bank to avoid future wars. Needless to say, it is deeply sad that we are once again making historical mistakes that we should have learned from.

According to the Pew forum, the United States has become slowly more and more polarized to its highest point since the last civil war in the 1800s. There are various reasons for this, one being that in recent decades the two political parties in the U.S setting the Republicans and the Democrats. In which the majority of the elected politicians are voting more along like party lines which are set in stone and leave less room for compromise. This was all started in the early 1980s by the Republican Party and its very polarization tactics to cater to more extreme members in the party. Eventually this tactic has been used by the Democratic Party, but still the Republican Party is the heavier user of the two by miles. Another reason is Gerrymander, which is simply a term for divide and conquer politics and to pit the majority of voters against one another. This is a tactic used by the parties to manipulate the electorate to garner more support. In addition, the mass media adds to the polarization of politics as it tends to show any news with a strong bias favoring certain attitude towards politics. This changes the political affinity of the general electorate.

The world is becoming a more dangerous place day by day. In such a political climate can we afford to have the rise of anti-establishment individuals like Donald Trump who love to play on the increased polarization of politics to spew hateful rhetoric in order to divide society, when already millions of lives have been lost in WW2 in order to save mankind from tyrannical regimes? It is profoundly sad to see that society’s ideals have changed only slightly from great tragedies of WW2. Trump has incredibly vague policies; such a man cannot be trusted to make anything great, let alone a country. He says he wants to make America great by throwing out millions of great people, when what made America a great place to live in the first place was its economic and individual freedom. That is why millions flocked to America to leave the tyrannical regimes of South America and Asia, and to leave a war torn Europe.

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