27/4–28/4 Chilling in Monterey + Blazin’ Majin Bday


Went up to Monterey to meet Master Drew Lexmond, who’s enjoying himself with his Stanford at Sea Course

First I chilled out by the rocks for a few hours while waiting for him.

My attempt at the Artsy Tumblr Shot

Had a wonderful time reading, thinking and nursing my already immense wonder for Mama Nature. It made me think of that phrase from Wild (the movie I watched on the plane):

“How wild it was, to let it be”

Following this period of self-reflection, the arrival of Drew brought the typical Rohan-Drew alcohol-fuelled fun night, involving Carbonara, Hot Tubs and the phrase “I’m okay with being Gay”. Thankfully no actual homosexuality occurred.

Dinner Time
Love this guy

Next morning, after a massive scramble, slight hangover and necessary nap at the Hopkin’s Marine Station Library, met Major Jackson for lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf

Without a doubt the best officer I’ve ever worked under

After that, I took the bus back to Cupertino. The whole excursion was wonderful; while I absolutely adore my family, it’s always nice to go out and travel alone and meet people.

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