3–12 May — Love Sings Music Video + Return of the King

JX and Shao Min (Two extremely awesome people) enlisted Jax and Loki to build some props a few weeks ago, and they asked Marc and I for help.

I had my Cali trip so I could only help a bit initially, but upon my return I fully thrust myself into this endeavour. It was worth because, as Loki puts it, it’s like our dream coming true — doing OM for money.

Shoot days occurred on 10,11 and 12th of May:

Days were long and work was tiring, but it was a wonderful experience. Not only was the work fun and the people cool, but it introduced me to all the work that goes on behind films and video shoots. It’s staggering the amount of detail that is required for every single second of every single shoot, and how much work it takes.

Most importantly, it once again gave me the thrill of the “flow”, the period of complete concentrated work and being in the “flow” of things which is said to be one possible expression of genuine happiness.

The final set looked like this; something to be really proud of, especially for Jax and Jia:

And then of course there was the after-drinks at JX’s house…


Simultaneously this was the period for the RETURN OF THE KING, Mr Siriwat Chhem. Sadly I couldnt spend as much time with him, but still had a few good moments:


T minus 2 days to India.

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