$100 Bounty in 300 seconds isn’t bad !!!

Hey guyzz …!!! I hope you are fine and doing absolutely awesome in your own fields. Thanks for the awesome response on my last article have got almost 18K views, 11k reads, and 450+ claps and counting..!!! In the meanwhile I wrote a few other articles but not on medium ( they are posted on Secjuice ) such as writing a Directory bruteforcing tool in 25 lines of python , India from a hackers perspective and few other awesome writeups are posted here.

This write up is about my recent findings in zoho. First of all I would like to thank zoho security team for allowing me to write about this bug. The bug was an stored xss in one of their subdomain. So I was just going through the facebook posts in one of the bug bounty hunters group, one of the guy there posted his zoho leaderboard post, until then i wasn’t knowing that zoho had a BugBounty Program. I was like ….

I hopped on and fired up my machine, I saw their program and scope and was ready for the hunt.

This is where you can start the timer, 3,2,1 …..LAUNCH ..!!!

So I browsed to their website, and created an account and landed on their dashboard. It was the first time I was on ZOHO, there were three main options, campaigns , enterprise & uummm…….lets keep that a secret.(I dont remember the third one and i’m lazy to login again and see it for the blog 😂 🤣). Like every other bug hunter , I started playing with it to understand how the site is working.In the dashboard I saw there was an calendar, Out of curiosity I started testing it, clicking here and there, i wasn’t yet analyzing requests in burp, just clicking here and there.

So I clicked on one of a date and an modal box prompted me,in this box there was an option mark this date.

When I clicked on that button, it took me to another page,where I was able to write title, add action and stuff. Initially I quickly tried some sqli and xss payloads but didnt seem to workout, I wasn’t really having any hope on this but was motivated enough to keep going further. I was putting xss payloads in every text input available,you never know , when you might get lucky just like I got this time. So I again entered the xss payload in the notes input. and then submitted the form. I had my fingers crossed but nothing happened , I was back to the calendar page.I again started wandering here and there….then I noticed that the title which I had written was on the calendar date within blue strip. I remembered I haven’t checked that out yet, So I clicked on that and what ……





(nope it didnt give me the xss popup) nothing happened yet.The same modal popped up again it was having the details of whatever I entered.

I noticed the small action in blue, I clicked it and ….

It triggered the XSS, I was very surprised that it wasnt even more than 5 minutes that I found something on it. Since the Bug was in action of a calendar, I was hoping if it would execute on itself (It would be a complete time bomb if it could 😂 🤣) but to my bad luck it didn’t go the way i wanted it to, but thats okay, That xss made my day.After that I made an report and reported it to zoho security Team.(Writing the report is always boring :( ..!!

They awarded me a bounty of $100 and 200 points and HOF. yeah i do think $100 was low for a stored xss but knowing the fact that I didn’t put much efforts in it, it was completely an luck catch and I was okay with $100.

Video POC :

TimeLine :

Reported on, 22/08/18

Acknowledged by team ,Aug 24, 2018 12:27:10 PM

Awarded 200 points and closed the Bug, Aug 27, 2018 8:01:22 PM

Awarded Bounty of $100, Aug 31, 2018 6:22:47 PM

Thats it, Thanks for Reading ..!!!