Solving with Software

As far as I can remember, I have always been passionate about programming. Through elementary and middle school, I worked on programming a small robot called Boe-Bot to do basic turns and obstacle avoidance. Through later middle school and high school, I got really interested in programming apps for my peers to use. I created an app that my Virtual Enterprise class uses to estimate the cost of printing a project to set its sale price while accounting for profit margins. The class is currently using the app and making money from the printing projects. Another one of my projects was designed for my friends to keep track of time. We always had to be mindful of the time interval between classes to avoid being late to the next class. I thought about a simple app to help us keep track of time between classes. It went through three iterations with inputs from my friends. My current version uses lookup tables to hold the bell schedule which I extrapolated from the school’s website and allowed people to pick their own bell schedule to meet their individual class schedule. My friends are happy with the app and we all use it everyday.

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