How to win Jackpot in online casino gambling?

Rohan D'souza
5 min readJan 27, 2020


It isn’t easy to win Jackpot online in Malaysia but passionate gamblers have found ways to win big amounts. Jackpot is a big amount and it is so big that it’s no less than a surprise for gamblers. But the motivation for gambling for a big win comes from the investment that is meager in comparison to the winning prize.

Let’s have a quick look at the Jackpot winning strategies

  1. Slot

Machine slot online has both Random and Progressive Jackpots. The first one comes as a surprise. Also, it is quicker. It could be small but the quick winning would make you feel contended. It won’t make you a millionaire but it would certainly add more dollars to your gambling account.

The Progressive amount keeps growing for a fairly long time. Also, the winning prize keeps increasing after each game, if the game isn’t won. Finally, it could be a big win for a gambler. Yes, it is really big and you can expect millions after the game is over. But it could be frustrating. Expert gamblers have different opinion on Random and Progressive games. Some favor the former while other suggest the latter.

Jackpot for slots

  1. a)The secret of winning Jackpot in slots is to keep playing. If you study the profile of slot winners, you will find that most gamblers had big payrolls to play slots but the betting amount doesn’t matter. You can play with a small amount and win a bigger amount.
  2. b)Choose Random or Progressive according to your interest. When you play for Jackpot, you play for a certain outcome. For example, if you are playing for Random winning, you can rest assured that the game would be complete in a short time. But you need a long-term strategy to play for Progressive Jackpot.
  3. c)Random Jackpot could provide a choice in game but Progressive games could be multiple. Keep this factor in mind when choosing a game.
  4. Poker

Poker is an interesting card game where gamblers try making the best pair like 2,3,4,5 and A,K,Q,J. Since this game is based on matches, it provides more options and more entertainment. Also, it provides more Jackpots that can fill your account with dollars.

Jackpot for Poker

  1. a) High hand bonus:Given for making four of a kind or straight flush, it could be a cash price or “progressive” where the amount keeps growing until it is hit. Occasionally, the winner is asked to pick an envelope from a set of identical envelopes or spin a “wheel of fortune”.
  2. b) Best Hand of the Hour/Day:The Jackpot goes to the best player over the course of a day or each hour. And the price could be in cash. But there could be a minimum value to qualify for the prize.
  3. c) Bad Beat Jackpots:In the event of two high hands colliding, the loser of the hand gets the prize. For example, four of a kind beating a lesser four of a kind. Or quads beaten by a straight flush.
  4. d) Random Drawings:It is exciting. You can win a Jackpot for playing Poker. You do nothing but enjoying the game. The winner is selected on the basis of seating position instead of winning.
  5. e) Drawing Tickets: It is more a promotional event than prize but it is considered a Jackpot. Players that make specific hands like a full house are provided tickets. The tickets are finally put in a barrel and the casino staff choose some tickets for cash prize.
  6. f) Splash Pots:It is a surprise Jackpot offered by casinos. If you achieve a certain level or gets a fixed hand, you will get “Splash Pot” that could be a cash prize or an envelop with an unknown amount in it. Or you could be offered gift certificate for dinner in a leading restaurant.
  7. g) Aces Cracked:Players with A and A in the hole are awarded cash prizes, if they lose their games. The cash amount could be predetermined or chosen with a spin of the wheel.
  8. i) Free roll Tournaments:Loyal gamblers have an opportunity to get this Jackpot. Here it is necessary to mention that this prize has nothing to do with performance. You can win the prize on the basis of the number of playing hours.
  9. j) Paid to Play:It is also a promotion event. Casinos struggling to attract buyers often offer cash price to attract gamblers. You can also get the prize by joining a casino.
  10. Lottery

It is a number game and it is as interesting as Slots, Poker and other casino games. But one thing you should keep in mind is that there is no magic wand to find the winning numbers. But you can rely on good old logic. Also, you need to look beyond fairy tales and myths.

Jackpot for lottery

  1. a) Choose the Jackpot with better odds

The first thing is to look at the Jackpot options available. You will be both surprised and delighted to know that no two Jackpot options are equal. Your first job is to study the odds to find the winning odds.

  1. b) Join a syndicate

An interesting fact about lottery is that approximately 20% of all Jackpots in lottery are won by syndicates or groups. You can also say that 2 out of 10 Jackpots go to gambling syndicates. Another advantage of joining a syndicate is that it provides more opportunities.

  1. c) Make system bets

Start playing more when you have the opportunity play more. For example, you should play 7 numbers and more like 10 and even 17. In this way, you can increase your chances of winning a Jackpot in 4 d results today Malaysia.

  1. d) Pick random numbers

Choosing random number can make you a winner in Jackpot online Malaysia even in your first attempt. Do you know that most people bet on numbers 1–6 every week? If this sequence ends up being the winning selection of Jackpot, all those people will get a huge amount.