These Cats and Dogs are Loving, Caring and Pure Beings who need nothing more than love and care back from You!

So if you cant keep a pet at home,

Adopt the stray families living around you..

● Take care of the wellbeing of the strays, treat them well and guide others for the same..

● Feed them..

● Take care of their needs with changing weather..

● If there is any health issue or accident, there is always someone you know who is an active animal caregiver, or if need be there are plenty of Vets in every town or city. Again.. treatments don’t cost much.. most shall be covered in less than 50-100 max serious ones going upto 5k. Not unlike human cases where there is no end to it.

● Get them Vaccinated on time, which ideally starts after 3-4 months of birth.. and is needed annually. Oh and it doesn’t cost much.. 30-40/- per dog/cat. This shall keep them save from diseases.

● Get them Sterilized after they have grown up a few years.. again doesn’t cost much either. Max 1500/- Don’t forget to let them know they have been vaccinated annually.

These few acts on your part shall, not only, keep them healthy but also keep their numbers in check which in turn means better conditions for all in your locality.

In return, they shall shower you with Unconditional Love, rare to find in humans these days, along with Safety and Security for you and your family as well as the whole locality from any wrongdoings or strays from other areas.

There are many NGOs and Shelters in every town, but just like negligence or ill-treatment is possible in cases of Humans too where there is nobody keeping a constant check on the patient or with the Docs and Autority.. you can get treatments and Steralisations done through them too but keep constant check on your patient.

I beleive we are here not just to use everything that’s around us but to serve a higher purpose in life too, for being able to do good while we live not just for self but for all beings.