Project 2030: A Radical Plan to Solve Global Challenges with Emerging, Distributed Technology
Michael Haupt

Michael Haupt

This article literally gave me goosebumps. Your view of symptom vs. cause based diagnosis really resonates with my own thinking, and how it permeates to our entire society and how blockchain along with AI/ML can help bind the thinking around it together is very well carved out. And yes, our agenda is growth focused but growth has aspects, one that connects the economy via money and the other via human well being – and clearly the later is misrepresented and misunderstood by a fairly large margin. The reason for that as you have outlined are not just one, but many – one of them plausibly being the system itself that’s been established to nurture the rich and then also the educational aspect whereby we are identifying problems in siloes by addressing what’s wrong and how we should change it but the key element why we should change it still remains beyond reach. The problem I foresee being the way we impart education, and that needs a drastic change.

Well, to cut the long story short I write in hopes to you to be able to connect, and be a part of Project 2030 to be able to prepare our world for a sustainable future. I look forward on connecting with you and sharing and bridging a more sustainable future.

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