During his last week in Paris, French President Macron attempted to convince President Trump to reverse his withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord. This accord was struck in December 2015 and ratified by 153 nations.

Long ago, Mr. Trump left the door open for compromise; however, no one knows what said compromise will be. Some predict Mr. Trump’s policy will be a sham, since it is unlikely that he would carry out former President, Barack Obama’s promises to reduce GHG emissions or to re-establish Mr. Obama’s leadership role in climate change.

Despite Mr. Macron’s efforts, the relationship between America and…

In today’s technological era, the emergence of green technology is rapidly expanding across the globe. There are numerous companies, varying from start ups to large corporations. I think as global citizens, it is our duty to actively promote individuals and businesses who dare to go the extra mile to “be green.” Today, we will be recognizing the top tech companies who go green.


The packaging 🚓 is here to remove the non reuse able packaging.

Say 👋 to the reusable packaging.

Plastic Police

Everyday when I come home, I see

The Sixth Extinction — The World Torn Apart by Man

When we look back in the past fifty years, one can’t wonder if we will be our own undoing. The past five major extinctions have been natural, what if the Sixth Extinction is created because of man’s wrongdoing? Let’s look at what we have done in the past…

  1. Nuclear Warheads — Mass Destruction
  2. Deforestation — Loss of Oxygen
  3. Human Induced Climate Change — Pollution
  4. Biological Warfare — Mass Destruction
  5. Artificial Intelligence — Terminator

These are some of the things that have been invented in the past…What are we doing to improve ourselves?

One must ask themselves…

  1. Do we want a…

Rohan Jain

Entrepreneur, Creative, Traveller, and Activist. An aspiring changemaker. A love for the environment, law, human rights, and everything in between.

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