The Building for Bharat movement, a rising phenomenon, reaches for identity under the garb of thought leadership. However, identity is inconsequential to building good products.

Much has been written and spoken, in the startup circles, about this idea of building products for Bharat. Bharat is supposed to represent what makes…

The internet has enabled tech companies to capture enormous value by becoming arbitrators of marketplaces they operate. But the financial industry in India is a different beast.

Our current mental model of online commerce has come to be heavily influenced by large online aggregators like Amazon.

Surely it’s commonplace to read headlines about new industries getting Amzon’ed every other day. In the wake of this reality, it isn’t hard to admit that most of us believe that…

The recent PNB scandal points to clunky, inefficient tech that banks force their users to put up with. It’s time we demand better.

The timing of the recent Punjab National Bank — Nirav Modi scam couldn’t have been worse. After just having committed to pay for a giant recapitalization package to bail out the banks’ for bad loans, the public trust in banking system is at its lowest. Some commentators have suggested big…

Rohan Jahagirdar

Ex-evil marketer. Now working on

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