10 things you should promise to yourself every day

  1. Stop that imagination and face the reality in your life. Accept the things which are yours and ignore the rest.

2. Never ever go back to the person who broke you in pieces.

3. smile MINIMUM: 50–60 times a day even if there’s no reason.

4. Polish yourself in such a way that even your “Aura” will do the job.

5. Learn to differentiate between your personal and professional life.

6. Work towards your dream but not at the cost of giving up your inner peace.

7. Get those expensive AF set of clothes which you always wanted to buy and “DRESS TO KILL”.

8. Stop explaining stuff to people who only understand things from their perspective.

9. Keeping a healthy balance between the things you want and the things you need.

10. Get some time for yourself every day, on or off the schedule and just be in the moment.

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11. Never ever be afraid to be the real you. In fact, you should always be basking in your own glory.

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