My First L.O.V.E

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This is an unprofessional and amateur attempt to cherish memories. Please bare with me if there are any mistakes.

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Lets Go,

This post is about that Girl/Boy we all could never forget, no matter what are we going through in our life, YES, I’m talking about the very first girl/boy we ever loved, the person who made us do all sort of silly things that normally we would not imagine even in our wildest dreams, the person who was always there when nobody was, the person who made us taste love for the first time, the person who is the reason for what we are today.

So here’s the small Poetry kindaa phrases to cherish those memories one more time

It’d been so many years today,

But I still can’t get over that first look, like it was yesterday.

Those random meets, where our hearts used to silently greet.

There were so many words we wanted to say, but “Hi” was the only thing that would always find out its way.

Slowly and steadily we talked to each other, but still the things were not going the way we thought altogether.

Our society playgrounds were the only places where we would easily talk, but most of the time we used to just stalk.

Asking for your contact was such a big deal because you saying “NO” would have been extremely tough to heal.

Gathering the courage from wherever possible, I finally managed to ask you “can i get your number, if possible.”

Then one fine day we somehow planned to go for a date, hoping to be the next Romeo and Juliet.

Everything was going smooth as it was supposed to be, but still those feelings were not lining up the way we assumed it to be.

Finally, I looked into your eyes and took your hand in my hand, simply hoping this would not end up in the sand.

That moment was so much at ease, that I just wanted that time to freeze.

There was actually no need any more to express, but just to enjoy the moment, we did confess.

Long hours when we used to be away, I always used to think how much have I missed? but it was totally worth it when we used to have our goodnight kiss.

Months after months this relationship kept on, but then one fine day a decision forced us to move on.

We were scared and shattered but at that point of time that decision was the only thing that mattered.

We finally agreed that this might be our fate, but promised that there will be our time, until then “WE WAIT.”

Till today we are still hoping that the things would change but the sad truth is “CHANGE is the only thing which is impossible to arrange.”