[ I Have No Dream ]

Let me tell you something today about myself this small part about my life is called “ I have no dream” YES ! you heard that right. And I’m proud of it today. I’ll be proud of it tomorrow and I’ll be proud of it in near future as well.

Many people here might consider me as a dumb kid according to their perception but that’s ok. I never actually had any dream because I never learned to settle for something less. I want to live my life on edge. I’m the person who wants to do everything that I see, for example- today if I see a singer then I want to be that singer. Tomorrow if I see an artist of any field then I want to be that artist. Day after If I see something that catches my attention I want to be that FREAKING…attention. I simply don’t observe things and let it go there’s always a projection in my head which gets saved every time.

I’m not against the people who live their life for their dreams. It’s a great thing to do but it’s just that I can’t. I want to try new things everyday no matter how good bad or ugly it comes out to be. Doing the same monotonous chores every day is just not my cup of tea OR coffee (coz I don’t like tea — but tea suits in that dialogue so had to say it)

Unlike any other dream chaser even this way is pretty tough to go through. Simply because, I don’t have my dream due to which i have no destination to reach . I might find myself at top of the world today but tomorrow I won’t even exist for the world and I can totally understand how risky it is but you know what?…… I live for such experiences. I don’t know what does having a dream means but I do know how it feels when there’s no concept of dreams as such. Let me tell you frankly Its tough than you can even imagine, It’s that path where emptiness is your only friend and always will. There will be times when everyone around you will become something depending upon their dreams but you might still be where you started, not like you haven’t achieved anything but simply because you haven’t learned to measure success depending upon materialistic things and that feeling will kill you mentally one day.

But that’s ok because legends have said that if there are no hurdles in your path then you are on the wrong path. The whole point of writing this is to give hope to someone who doesn’t have a dream like me, someone who just want to experience everything that life throws at him/her, someone who finds happiness in others victories, someone who just wants to make people happy, someone who wants that everyone should win, someone who wants to live for experiences, someone who doesn’t live their life because they have to but because they want to.

Always remember life is much more than having a vision. Do what you think is right and you will sail through, not easily but definitely.